Fear of change hindrances people from buying Electric Vehicle sooner

The article discusses how the fear of change is hindering people from purchasing an Electric Vehicle sooner than they should. Many times the fear is not realistic.

We understand, accepting change is not easy.

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Question: Why Are People Resistant to Electric Cars? Answer: Fear × FUD


Electric Vehicles are cheaper than fuel combustion vehicles?

Consumer research has shown how EV owners are saving more from car maintenance expenses having owned an electric vehicle as compared to fuel combustion vehicles.

Another good news is, Charging from Cornerstone Technologies will help you save even more as our monthly subscription fee is value for money. It is hard to believe how much you will save paying for the charging usage as compared to the fuel expenses you have been spending!

It’s Official — Consumer Reports Confirms EV Owners Spend Half As Much On Maintenance


Get ready to be spoiled with EV car choices in 2021

The year 2021 is the year expected to be flooded with choices of new Electric Vehicles.

Cornerstone Technologies is always one step ahead, in anticipation for the needs of the market, we are offering a wide variety of EV chargers that will suit any car park you have and any car brand you plan to purchase or have purchased.

EVs Coming In 2021: The Year Of The Great Electric Car Launch Deluge


The $2Billion Subsidy Scheme to Build EV Charging Ready Carparks

The Hong Kong Government has launched the HK$2billion scheme to help private residential car parks to build EV charging infrastructure.

As a trusted company by both private and government sectors, Cornerstone Technologies has anticipated the needs of the Owners’ Corporations (OC) to apply for this scheme. Applying is only the first step, most importantly how the OC will be able to use the budget efficiently and effectively, this is where the expertise of Cornerstone Technologies comes in. With the ample experience under our sleeves, we have proven ourselves how we have been helping our customers.

Hong Kong government’s subsidy scheme for installing electric vehicle charging facilities officially launches