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Cornerstone IT is a partner in growing your business together through innovation. We optimise your operations with information technology and uncover new revenue sources. Streamline your business with our system development, managed services, ticketing and smart parking solutions.


Working in collaboration with you, we develop custom solutions to take your business to the next level. The systems we develop play nice with the existing ones. Win-win.


Our cloud ticketing system supercharges the process with geographical zoning features, ticketless or ticket printing at kiosks, reduction in carbon usage and ease of scaling.


We develop and offer advanced IT systems that improve your business. Our secure IT infrastructure and extensive monitoring systems ensure things are always running.


Our smart parking system management makes it easy to maximise revenue for your carpark. With features like car plate recognition, dynamic and zonal pricing, you’re always in control

Empowering your business through collaborative and innovative IT technology

Smart Parking

Finding a car park has never been this easy. Download our app, you will be able to find the available car park closest to you. Not only that, our contactless payment system makes it easy for drivers to pay for parking. Stay in control with our AI smart cameras, the gate that will be automatically open for you each time you arrive or leave the car park and automatically registered license plate detections.

For car park operators, you will be able to increase your car park profit in ways you never thought possible with our smart parking system. Track real-time occupancy and control unauthorized parking. Zonal and dynamic pricing maximise profits for your car park by taking advantage of under-occupied spaces. Parking in Hong Kong has never been so easy, convenient and profitable.

System Development

No more compatibility issues arise when switching from one system to another. We are able to develop a new system that is designed for and works well with your tried and tested one. Our services are designed to complement your existing operations, including developing hardware, software, firmware and mechanical builds for your systems.

Managed Services

Stay safe with our robust IT infrastructure. Cornerstone ensures systems are taken care of with our extensive monitoring solutions. No matter what the problem is, we remotely monitor and minimise interruptions. If there’s something we can’t fix immediately, an IT specialist will be sent on-site as soon as possible.

Ready Solutions

Cornerstone Technologies is continually pushing for innovation. Our research and development teams constantly work on bringing new technologies and solutions to the market that help our customers focus on increasing their profits and running their businesses more efficiently.


Our innovative cloud ticketing system enables a variety of use cases with multi-session logins, geographical zoning, ticketless or ticket printing, and functions that make it easy to scale. The ticket kiosks can be branded to increase your brand equity in consumers’ minds. Less computing resources are needed to run the system, reducing the carbon footprint. The ticketing systems can be used in a number of different environments including cinemas, showbiz, events and health.

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