Hip Hing Cashback

The Project: Hip Hing Cashback

Client: Hip Hing Engineering Co.Ltd (Kai Tak Sports Park)

Year: 2020

The Challenge

Thanks to Hip Hing to bring awareness on the importance of recycling to the construction site. It is truly a good move to encourage recycling to various segments of populations in the community.

The Solution

The recycling goal set by Hip Hing is in synergy with Cornerstone Technologies, we aim to reach out to as many as possible in the community.

When it comes to recycling, most often we think about homes or offices, shopping malls or other high-rise buildings.

The construction site is an important area that can be overlooked, yet is a place that has a high potential for recycling efforts.

We are fully aware that more educational efforts are needed in order to encourage more participation.

A cash rebate has been offered for every pack recycled. Cornerstone Technologies continue to deliver creative ideas to make recycling exciting.

The Highlights

The first recycling point at the construction site of Kai Tak
Opportunity to widen recycling education program
Reaching out to a wider community

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