Major Beverage Brand Cashback

The Project: Beverage Brand Cashback

Client: Beverage Brand

Year: 2019

The Challenge

A beverage brand which offers more than 230 different beverage options across over 60 different brands has engaged us to provide our reverse vending machine services. Needless to say, the used beverage packs need some attention in order to help reduce the dumping of plastic bottles to the landfill. The RenatureChest of Cornerstone Technologies provides proven solutions.

The Solution

When we learned about the needs of this beverage company, we started to come up with a breakthrough solution that would encourage the community to participate in this recycle move. That was how we came up with the idea to get people to receive a rebate through the Octopus card. When we first launched the product, people were lining up in front of the reverse vending machine to recycle their beverage bottles. Our machine was the only machine that was able to cope with that vast amount of recycling. Since our launch in September 2019, in less than a year, 3 million plastic bottles have been recycled.

The Highlights

The first Octopus card cashback
3 million plastic bottles recycled in about 1 year time
A long queue of people to use the recycle machine when launched
The only machine that could cope with the vast amount of recycling

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