Hong Kong Science Park Redemption Program

The Project: Hong Kong Science Park-Redemption Program

Client: Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

Year: 2020

The Challenge

The number of staff in the Science Park is exceeding 10,000 persons. The Management of The Science Park has been conscious of the recycling issue. A number of traditional recycle bins had been placed within the vicinity. However, the lack of monitoring on whether this traditional facility had been used was unknown.

The Solution

We are always thinking hard for our client. We do not just sell our machines, we are determined to make recycling a success. Considering the number of community that exceeds 10,000 people and the varieties of merchants and restaurants within the community, we devised a recycling scheme by offering a redemption program. By collecting points through recycling the beverage packs (plastic bottles, cans and tetra paks) into our Renaturechest machines, the points collected can be used as a dining coupon at one of the restaurants within Science Park.

Once again, we witnessed the success of this program, within 1 month there were more than 1,000 people registered to be members, over 20,000 packs have been recycled.  Scientifically, these numbers can be translated into the equality of saving 2.7L carbon dioxide being discharged to the air.

In other words, we may describe the number of packs recycled in just a month equals to having saved 18 wattages of light bulb for the usage of 33 years.

To view the number up to date please click here:

The Highlights

The first redemption scheme was born
Points collected to be redeemed with dining coupons
More than 1,000 members within 1 month
More than 20,000 packs recycled in less than a month
To view a real-time recycle tracking dashboard by the Science Park click here:


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