Frequently Asked Questions

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A: We will try our best to make the process as simple  as possible:

Step 1
Call us on +852 6700 0047 or ask your property management to call us on the same number.

Step 2
We will take care of the rest. We will work professionally until your EV charger is installed at your apartment.

A: We will take care of the boring stuff:

Step 1
After receiving yours or your property managements enquiry, our professional sales team will be in touch with you to get a clearer understanding of your request.

Step 2
We will submit a proposal to either yourself or property management.

Step 3
Our experienced technicians will conduct a site visit to ensure all technical requirements can be safely achieved.

Step 4
After yourself or the property management has agreed to the proposal, our technical site visit has been carried out and you are signed up to our subscription plan, we will carry out the full installation for you.

A: Safety is our highest priority. Our EV Chargers comply with IEC61851, meeting an international standard as well as local electrical safety standards. For installation, our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the property. The property management will then be advised accordingly on how the installation will be conducted safely.

A: As an EV Charger user you will only be required to pay a low subscription fee of HKD$880 per month as well as a very affordable one-time installation fee. You can then begin to use your EV Charger immediately.

A: We have designed a comprehensive payment system to make it as convenient as possible for our users:

  • By downloading our Charging app. You can top up using all major credit cards via the wallet.

  • Pay at the EnerPay kiosk (for car parks that have this service) by using: NFC card, Visa PayWave, Master Credit Card, or any payment that has QR code enabled.

  • Pay via QR code (we support any payment that is QR code supported)

  • Pay via NFC by tapping your card on our Slate or Chargic EV Charging station.

A: Don’t worry, we have thought about this! All you have to do is request your landlord’s approval. An EV Charging ready car park will upgrade the value and would be a great investment for any landlord.

A: Our EV Chargers from are designed and developed to accommodate all EV car brands that comply with IEC standards.

A: Your investment will be HKD$0, Cornerstone Technologies will cover the cost of the installation for your tenants. Sounds like a great deal!

A: We have encountered several cases where this same problem has arisen. Subsequently, we have sent our professional engineers to discuss and to understand the situation and in our experience, we managed to help the property to solve these problems and EV Chargers were set-up successfully. We pride ourselves on a superior and knowledgeable team who are able to give you the right advice and do what other EV Charging companies could not.

A: After your enquiry, Cornerstone Technologies will contact the relevant power company to seek the necessary electrical equipment needed to align with our intelligent Load Management System. This will ensure that the charging service reaches 100% of the parking lot coverage and guarantees that the charging capacity is up to 32A (or at least 10A depending on the number of cars using the chargers at the same time). We will be responsible for all the above expenses.

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