Create a Brighter Future Aligned with The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals The United Nations’ Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development sets an agenda to make our world more prosperous, inclusive, sustainable and resilient. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outline the most pressing environmental and social challenges of today and are rallying call for public and private sector leadership and action. At Cornerstone Technologies, we are committed to aligning with this global roadmap for sustainability development. We are exploring a long-term sustainability strategy to examine in greater depth how sustainability trends will impact our business environment and value chain and at the same time, offer new opportunities for us to bring in innovative solutions. We identified six SDGs where our businesses have the greatest ability to drive change and create shared value.

SDG7: Affordable and Clean Energy​

  • The installation of EV charging infrastructure by Cornerstone Technologies greatly increases the accessibility of reliable and renewable energy to both households and electric vehicle owners.
  • To enhance energy utilization and efficiency, our technology in load management system evenly distributes electricity being supplied to each EV charging facility. This enables the acceleration of electric vehicles adoptions as we offer a more affordable clean energy.

SDG8: Decent work and economic growth

We promote a people-centric workplace where our employees feel cared for and secure at work. This realizes our commitment in the ESG policies to creating a culture of highly engaged employees and upholding best practices in employment standards.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Cornerstone Technologies upholds the following values:

  • We provide an inclusive workplace, as at 31 December 2020, woman represents 37% of employees across the Group.
  • We actively communicate with our employees for any news, change or business acquisition.
  • We strictly prohibit all forms of child and forced labor within our operation.
  • No reported cases of breaches in legal or regulatory compliance relating to employment.

SDG9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

  • Through the installation of charging facilities, Cornerstone Technologies helps in building up the infrastructure of sustainable transport with affordable and equitable access. With continuous technological innovation research and development, we promote and spread the usage of clean and environmentally sound technologies around the city.
  • Cornerstone Technologies upgrades your parking infrastructure through our smart parking system. By installing the licensed plate recognition system, we track real-time occupancy and control unauthorized parking alongside with AI smart camera. With zonal and dynamic pricing, we maximize profit and fully utilize all the space and resources. The efficiency of parking management is optimized with the help of our environmental-friendly technology. Cornerstone Technologies supports human well-being by creating convenience in daily life.

SDG11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • The global attention to transport has continued in recent years. World leaders recognized unanimously at the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development that transportation and mobility are central to sustainable development. Sustainable transportation can enhance economic growth and improve accessibility. Sustainable transport achieves better integration of the economy while respecting the environment. improving social equity, health, resilience of cities, urban-rural linkages and productivity of rural areas
  • Cornerstone Technologies’ smart parking solution enhances the efficiency of parking management. With licensed plate recognition system, gate will automatically open to authorized users, and thus control unauthorized parking and track real-time occupancy. The streamlined parking system helps build a sustainable and user-friendly human settlement, as well as to facilitate an inclusive urbanization in our city. Cornerstone Technologies helps take one step closer in building sustainable cities and communities. 

SDG12: Responsible Consumption and Production

  • To build a long-term relationship with customers, we endeavor to provide exceptional customer experience, high quality products and services. As stated in our policies, we strive to continuously improve our management approach and develop innovative solutions to enhance our product delivery quality while protecting customers’ health and safety.
  • Across all our customer touchpoints, we adhere to the highest standard of project delivery and protect well-being of our customers with an effective quality assurance process. For our EV charging business, we have implemented a comprehensive quality management system which includes product quality assurance policies (such as the Product Quality Plan) and procedures. To ensure that customers are provided with safe products, we conduct reliability tests to evaluate a wide range of factors that might harm the safety of products

SDG 13: Climate Action

  • We continue to monitor our environmental footprint and implement energy efficiency measures, where applicable throughout our business, including solutions such as LED lighting and video conferencing technology. The Group’s energy consumption is monitored regularly and disclosed on an annual basis. Protecting the environment by conserving natural resources has long been advocated in our environmental policies to go in step with the global community to combat climate change.
  • In addition, the nature of our business in building a convenient charging network is an effective way to encourage the public to use zero-emission electric vehicles as the mean of transport. Transportation is the main source of carbon dioxide emission in Hong Kong.  The EV charging service offered by Cornerstone Technologies favors the public to reduce carbon emission.

SDG 17: Partnerships For the Goals

  • Cornerstone Technologies provides services for multi-stakeholders with a wide range of background, including government, property management, carpark management, fleet operators, private individuals etc. Our expertise and advanced technology in EV charging solutions encourages the usage of green transport.
  • Cornerstone Technologies also works with various suppliers and contractors (“business partners”), it is important for us to ensure that their products and services comply with our minimum requirements on ESG performance. All suppliers and contractors are selected based on a formal assessment to confirm that their performance adhere to our selection principles. In procurement, we give priority to business partners with outstanding performance, whereas underperformers will be downgraded or delisted from our tender list. In additional to our standard procurement requirements, suppliers of EV charging business are required to provide sample and supporting evidences, such as certificates, for verification.
  • We have been implementing guidelines that contain clear specifications of responsible sourcing along our supply chain. As part of our sustainability strategy formulation, we are exploring ways to work closer with our business partners in our value chain and carry out regular supply chain risk assessment to identify and assess environmental and social risks. This will guide us to develop strategies specific to our operations.

Through partnership with various stakeholders, we foster the sustainable development of Hong Kong society.