Cornerstone GO is committed to making EV charging accessible, creating a better EV charging experience for drivers, and coping with the increasing demand of EV charging services with fairness & efficiency. Cornerstone GO is introducing a new service charge – idle fee (Both for AC & DC) under designated stations, aims to increase the station availability by encouraging users to leave the charging station after their charging session.

Nevertheless, we understand your concerns. Cornerstone GO users can always check their current charging record by using Cornerstone EV Charging App, details will be shown including but not limited to Charging Speed, Status, and the respective Charging Fee by just a glance. Under this new Service Charge scheme, we also provide different durations (in minutes) as “Grace Period”. Car owners are allowed to Stop Charging, Unplugged the charging cable, and leave the charging station within the grace period after completing the charging process without incurring any additional fees.

The new service charge scheme “Idle Fee” aims to solve the issues where the EV’s charging session is completed and yet still connected to the charger and occupied the charging station for a long period of time. This new service scheme will be charged under different time phases with the respective fee, without an upper limit.

For those designed Charging Station that apply “Idle Fee” will be stated with Signage and Pin icon time at the Charging Station and on Cornerstone EV Charging App.