We Believe In People

Cornerstone Technologies is very proud of every single employee. Only the highly selective personnel are taken in. We chose not only their skills and experience but most importantly we treasure their passion and commitment in giving their best daily. We believe in people who are faithful in doing the small things are the ones that can be trusted with the bigger things.

Our Values


We have a culture of honour. We honour everyone we encounter and work with. We honour every employee in the company. Our attitude is “you are more important than me”.


Pouring our hearts into everything we do, Cornerstone is full of individuals who share our passion. Giving it our best each and every day even for the simplest of tasks, ensuring quality output. That’s how we develop the best products, systems and services for our customers and business partners.


This is the only time breaking the rules is allowed. We encourage everyone to think outside the boundaries of what’s possible. Innovation can only be achieved with a creative mind.


Recognising that working together toward a common goal leads to extraordinary achievements. We may have various departments but come together as one team.


Unity is strength. Through unity we build relationships, teamwork and efficient coordination. As a result of this, we produce quality work, increase productivity and create a cheerful working environment for our team.

Lawson Lau Executive Director​

Lawson Lau leads the Cornerstone Technologies team towards their goal to develop sustainable technology solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, making a cleaner and brighter future a reality. Lawson runs all facets of the business and oversees Cornerstone’s innovation efforts in EV (Electric Vehicle) charging, sustainable energy, recycling and IT solutions. 

Prior to founding Cornerstone Technologies, Lawson spent over 19 years in the construction industry, primarily on product management and business development, which equipped him with a strong background in hardware solutions and system integration.

Lawson’s ability to foresee market demands and trends was a major reason behind his foray into EV charging. It led him to partner with Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) on a pilot R&D project on EV charging systems in 2016. Lawson set out to found Cornerstone Technologies to increase the accessibility of user-friendly sustainable technologies for greater environmental impact. 


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