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Designated Parking Lots

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Monthly Charging Plan

Car with HOME GO Pole 01
Car with HOME GO Pole 01

Simple, convenient, and charging everywhere! The ‘Charging Everywhere’ monthly plan, tailored for electric vehicle owners, allows you to charge at 33 designated LINK parking lots* for only $680 per month (original price: $1,020). You can enjoy up to 300 kWh of charging per month at fast and medium-speed charging stations!

Experience the new and easy ‘charging everywhere’ service.
Efficient, convenient, and makes your journeys easier!
Limited spots available, apply now!

*Please refer to the following information for details on the updated service locations.


12 months short contract period

Zero deposit and no burden


Applicable to fast and medium-speed charging

Favorable and convenient


33 Car park

Applicable to hourly/daily car rental users*


Support various electric vehicle brands

Plug and charge


Instant application and activation

6 months long activation period


7x24 Service hotline

Attentive service

Application Process


  • Contact sales consultant
  • Submit proof of identity for registration
  • Download Cornerstone EV Charging App


  • Complete the e-signature and online payment (one month’s  prepayment required)


  • Confirm service activation date
  • Refer to the online user guide

LINK Charging Location

^The plan does not include parking fees, and subject to the services provided by the parking lot.
#DC charging available
*Offers are subject to terms and conditions.