We have full flexibility in taking payments

We make it easy to pay for everyone. Your customers can pay with any payment method available on the market, and you as the operator have complete control over how you charge. Whether you want to have your customers pre-pay or post-pay, and take payment through time or energy, the choice is yours.

There are three ways customers can pay:​


Customers sign up for membership through the mobile app and connect with credit cards.


EnerPay is our self-service EV charger control station that is networked with our EV chargers. It also offers a range of functions to users such as printed receipts, a physical reader and checking other details while charging.

You have the option of EnerPay contactless by using visa pay wave or EnerPay Octopus to enable getting a printed receipt.


The onboard payment system allows users to pay directly on the Slate and ChargIC without requiring the presence of EnerPay. Onboard supports NFC card or QR Code payment methods.

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