The Slate

was engineered for the modern era of EV car ownership.

Style meets function with its slim and versatile body. An intuitive touchscreen puts you first with its user-friendly experiences. It stands the test of time with its waterproof and stainless-steel design. Install it on the wall or on a pedestal. Boost your company’s reputation with our co-branding options on the Slate.

Slate Waterproof with Logo Screen V2
EV charging that’s slim, stylish and smart.

intuitive touchscreen

No more confusing screens to touch. The user-friendly interface will guide you every step of the way.
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Hide the mess, hide the wires. It’s designed to integrate into its surroundings so you barely know it’s there.

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No more confusing screens to touch. The user-friendly interface will guide you every step of the way.

Slate Waterproof with Logo Screen V2
Stainless Steel


In it for the long run with stainless steel that fights rust and great for any location with high humidity.



It’s our product, but we’re happy to have
your brand shine – talk to us about
co-branding options.

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Product Information

Model: SLATE 2 1-Phase/3-Phase

Voltage/Frequency - 220VAC 50Hz/60Hz/380VAC 50Hz/60Hz

Charging Current & Capacity - 7KW/32A max - 21kW/32A max

Standard Compliance - EMC compliance IEC 61851-1 & 22

EMC Compliance - IEC 61000-6-1 & 3

Charging Connector - IEC 62196, Type 2

Charging Type - Mode 3

Communication Protocol - OCPP v1.6J

7-inch touch-screen  LCD colour display with 1024*600 pixels; Charger Status Displays

NFC Card Reader: ISO/IEC14443 A/MIFARE (13.56MHz)

Single board computer with computation power > 2,400 MIPS, blue-tooth, WiFi and expandable storage with 256G SD card

Auto unlock cable in event of power outage

Built-in camera for QR code Authentication and LPRS (Optional)

Internal 30mA Type A RCD

Embedded 40A Fusible circuit

Digital power meter compliance IEC 62053, Class 1 (optional)

Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth

Load Management System

Remote firmware update and system reboot via internet

1.5 mm stainless steel silver colour coated

Certified wall-side cable inlet for concealed cabling

Dim. in mm: 450(H)*305(W)*110(D)

Approx.Weights: 7.5kg, Pedestal: 30kg

Ingress Protection Rating IP54

Operating temperature -25°C to +50°C

Operating humidity up to RH 95% non-condensing

Cable hanger and docking

Pedestal (Stainless steel)30kg, silver colour coated

Logo imprinting

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