The Aloft

built with integration and user experience in mind.

Give our mobile app a tap to control the cables or marvel at the sleek ceiling-integrated design that puts your mind at ease. Sit back, relax and charge. We’ve done the hard work.
EV Charging so discreet, you won’t even know it’s there.

No Walls No Problem

We get it, not every car park has a wall. That’s why the Aloft is perfect for standalone parking bays.


We get it, not every car park has a wall.
That’s why the Aloft is perfect for standalone parking bays.


We’re one step ahead, the only provider offering you this unique charging solution.


One touch puts you in control over the
charging process using the Cornerstone app.
No more hassle.


The multiple cable lock-up control mechanism makes every charge safe so you have peace of mind.


The Aloft pairs with our Load Management System, optimising charging speed,
current and power for safety.


We make it easy to pay with options like Mobile NFC, QR Code, Octopus Card, Visa payWave, Mastercard contactless and our mobile app.

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Product Information

Model: ALOFT 1-Phase/3-Phase

Voltage/Frequency - 220VAC; 50Hz/60Hz - 380VAC; 50Hz/60Hz

Charging Current & Capacity - 7kW/32A max - 21kW/32A max

Standard Compliance - IEC 61851-1 & 22

EMC Compliance - IEC 61000-6-1 & 3

Charging Connector - IEC 62196, Type 1 or 2 EV charging connector on retractable cord

Charging Type - Mode 3

Communication Protocol - OCPP v1.6J

Automatic position reset function when disconnected

Cable automatically retracts to the original position, and parks inside the housing when disconnected

Remotely controllable via mobile app

High-visibility LED status indicator

Auto cable lock-up and power-tripping in case of vandalism

Internal 30mA, Type A, RCD

Embedded 40A fusible circuit

Digital power meter compliance IEC62053 Class 1 (optional)

Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth and Cellular

Load Management System

Remote firmware update and system reboot via internet

Plastic enclosure

285mm thickness including cable

Dim. in mm: 285(H)*440(W)*1300-2500(L)

Approx. Weights: 60-100kg


Ingress Protection Rating IP54

Operating temperature -25°C to +50°C

Operating humidity up to RH 95% non-condensing

Socket tethered on retractable cord enables charging type conversion

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