Integrated charging solutions for busy carpark operators

We know there’s a lot involved in maintaining a car park, it’s no easy task. To make your life easier, Cornerstone has developed an all-encompassing charging system designed to integrate the chargers, the customers, the car park operators and our charging systems into one.

By activating the charger, the user connects to the entire network and sets our intricate software systems into motion. It’s a dream come true for operators like you; just set it and forget it.

Central Management System (CMS)

You’re in complete control

As with any system, charging an EV vehicle can have many moving parts. Our Central Management System is the answer to keeping things in place, connecting the EV charging and payment gateways together.

Load Management System (LMS)

Load Management System (LMS) is used so more EV Chargers can be installed without having to increase electricity load while optimising the power supply. LMS protects your car park from overloading the power supply of the EV Chargers.


Full flexibility in payments We make it easy to pay for everyone. Your customers are able to pay with any payment method available on the market, and you as the operator have complete control over how you charge. Whether you want to have your customers pre-pay or post-pay, and take payment through time or energy, the choice is yours.

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