Light Up Your Charging Style

GLOW, a steady radiance of light, reliably powering up your vehicle. With a customizable bezel, the charger is like a GLOW in the dark, radiating the drivers’ personal style, distinguishing itself from the average, bland designs.

Customised EV charger  showcases drivers’ quality of life.


Select the bezel colour to match with your EV. Unique charger by engraving your name.


Tailor-made with bezel colour and engraved name, e.g. Name, Quote or License Plates.

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The user-friendly interface guides you every step of the way.



Tap your card or mobile NFC to pay.



The GLOW pairs with OCPP management platform enables Load Management System to optimize charging speed, current and power for safety.

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Product Information

Model: CHARGIC 1-Phase/3-Phase

Voltage/Frequency - 7kW/21kW

Charging Current & Capacity - 7KW/32A max / 21KW/32A max

Standard - IEC 61851-1 and 22

EMC Compliance - IEC 61000-6-1 & 3

Charging Connector - IEC 62196, Type 2

Charging Type - Mode 3

Protocol - OCPP v1.6J

NFC Card Reader - I50/IEC 14443A/MIFARE (13.56 MHz)

Auto unlock - Auto unlock cable in event of a power outage

QR Code Authentication and LPRS (optional)

Communication - Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular

Load Management - Enable

Authentication Method -Plug & Charge, NFC Card, QR Code in mobile app

Ingress Protection Rating - IP54

Operating Temperature -25°C to +50°C

Operating Humidity - Up to RH 95% non-condensing

Housing Material - Polycarbonate (PC), Grey- Silver

Dimensions (D*W*H) - 145mm x 170mm x 435mm

Weight - 2.5kg

Electrical Protection - 30 mA Type A RCD (External)

Digital Power Meter - IEC 62053 Class 1 (External)

Mounting - Pedestal or Wall

Branding - Logo imprinting

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