Cornerstone Technologies – Produces Award Winning EV Charger

Cornerstone Technologies - Produces Award Winning EV Charger

Chargic – Just won 2021 GREEN GOOD DESIGN® Award

HONG KONG, 17th May, 2021 – Cornerstone Technologies Holdings Limited (“Cornerstone Technologies”), , a leading innovator of environmental and sustainability solutions, today announced the award received from Green Good Design Award 2021.

Our brand new electric vehicle (“EV”) charger (“Chargic”) has received an award of Green Product/Graphic Design 2021 from Green Good Design. Chargic has been chosen from amongst hundreds of entries participated by 28 countries.

Green Good Design Award with Chargic v2
Cornerstone Technologies ' EV charger "Chargic" has received an award of Green Product/Graphic
Design 2021 form Green Good Design.

Cornerstone Technologies is moving one step ahead by taking the production of EV Charger one step further. While the competitors are still busy figuring out how an EV Charger should function to meet the market’s needs, Cornerstone Technologies has produced an EV Charger that addresses the aesthetic values of it. Chargic has been designed by taking its shape from the everyday dry cell battery, Chargic projects a subliminal visual cue for EV users to power up. Its curved edges cleverly hide the unit’s depth; the unit’s top and bottom obscure the cabling, while its rounded front gives it an elegant, simple aesthetic. This simple and uncluttered facade is complemented by subtle light-emitting diode (“LED”) backlighting from between the panels, hinting at the power within the unit. It gives users constant peace of mind by keeping them up to speed with their charging status: green – ready to charge; blue – charging; and red – an alert to check status. It’s designed to be convenient, safe, and easy to use – encouraging widespread usage.

Chargic encourages more people to choose emissions-free vehicles by offering them the ultimate convenience. Chargic carries a universal socket and various payment options, giving emission-free vehicles a hassle-free hook up to its holistic charging system. Its green credentials are boosted by the fact that it could be made using 30-50% recyclable polycarbonate; it is also waterproof and dust-proof, meaning no matter the weather conditions or climate, Chargic can be used for all car brands.

Chargic is a very good choice for developers who are planning for the EV enable car parks, we are producing Chargic with polycarbonate, it is versatile, high impact resistance, durable, also the production costs can be kept lower. We are truly proud with this invention which brings good design to your car parks and at the same time keeping the same quality functions to meet our customers’ needs,”

added Mr. Lawson Lau, the Executive Director of Cornerstone Technologies.

Each unit’s built-in camera functions as both a quick response (“QR”) code scanner – to authenticate users and activate the charger – as well as a Licence Plate Recognition System, proven to have helped car park operators manage their car parks efficiently. The charger has been designed in such a way that it can be easily mounted on a pedestal or wall, and its dust- and waterproof design ensures users’ connections will be safe from the elements.

Once a vehicle plugs in, the Central Management System takes over, connecting users to the entire network through its intricate software. Its Load Management System enables car parks to maintain the same electrical load while optimizing their power supply, meaning more chargers can be installed and used at maximum efficiency. Mapped out in Hong Kong and made for a carbon-free planet, this sleek and stylish charger makes the lives of EV users easier as well as driving the green revolution forwards into the future.

Chargic is not only an EV Charging made chic, Chargic is produced by Cornerstone Technologies without compromising its functions fully supported by the intricate charging system.

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“Chargic” addresses the aesthetic values and outstanding quality of functions.

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