Learning how we give EV Batteries a second life

Cornerstone Technologies has the expertise to develop the technology from collecting various EV batteries, identifying the health of the batteries, classifying the batteries, synchronising them and distributing to various manufacturing plants. Our expertise also includes helping various industries to maintain and to sustain the usage of the 2nd Life Batteries.

What is 2nd Life EV Batteries

A 2nd Life EV battery is the used battery from an EV car which has a remaining capacity of less than 50%. It is therefore not good enough to power an EV car effectively but still can be utilised to generate electricity for different industries.

Why 2nd Life EV Batteries?

When an EV battery is no longer fit for purpose, there are 3 ways to dispose of it:

1. Discard it
2. Recycle it
3. Repurpose it

2nd Life EV Batteries is the process of repurposing the battery. This is a sustainable effort to help reduce the environmental impact of discarded batteries. Many batteries end up in landfill and those that don’t are dismantled into pieces which eventually lead to polluting the environment, just in a different way.

How 2nd Life EV Batteries works

For 2nd Life EV Batteries to function, they need to be classified into the same battery type.

Batteries from different car brands will be of various types.  In order to classify the same type of batteries together, each battery will undergo an assessment.

The health of each battery needs to be identified. Some may be running at 50%, 40% or 20%. The batteries belonging to the same health and battery type will then be synchronised together.

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