Housing Society

The Project: Housing Society

Client: Hong Kong Housing Society

Year: 2020

The Challenge

A new opportunity usually brings a new challenge as well. The news had been swirling around for a while, how the government offices have been troubled by complaints that the car parking spaces with EV chargers are often occupied by non EV cars. The detail of study as reported at www.ombudsman.hk

The Solution

Cornerstone Technologies has this solution at hands, our Business Development Team has been quick in providing solutions during the stage of understanding our client’s needs. Some of the chargers installed at the Housing Society are equipped with Licence Plate Recognition System (LPRS) that enables automatic sensor when a non EV car is parked. Automatic detection and billing of EV charging upon exiting the car park will be applied.

Click here to find out more about LPRS.

omar prestwich MiJXjRxkueI unsplash scaled
The Highlights

License Plate Recognition System through the built-In camera in the charger
Preventing non-EV cars parked at the EV parking slot
Streamlined car park management


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