2035, The year set to phase out the purchase of fossil fuel-powered private cars in Hong Kong

The Bloomberg Newsweek has approached Cornerstone Technologies for the opinion about this move. “According to IEA report  https://www.iea.org/reports/global-ev-outlook-2020

the EU countries are targeting 2025 for such move, while many other countries such as USA, U.K, Israel and Denmark are targeting 2030. We think 2035 is a very conservative target that Hong Kong has set.” This was the response from Mr. Lawson Lau – The Executive Director of Cornerstone Technologies Holdings Limited.

Cornerstone Technologies has braced itself for the needs of charging facilities in Hong Kong by providing all kinds of EV Chargers that fit all kinds of car parks.

Hong Kong budget: city bets big on electric vehicles and green finance, but concern groups say more needed to hit 2050 carbon neutrality goal


HK$2 Billion EV Charging Home Subsidy Scheme – 20 Good Reasons to Talk to Cornerstone Technologies.

The Hong Kong Government has rolled out a HK$2billion “EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme” to subsidize the installation of EV charging infrastructure for existing private residential buildings. Processing of applications is on a first-come-first-served basis until the funding is used up.

Cornerstone Technologies understands your needs and is ready to offer help to apply for the subsidy enabling your carpark to be EV ready. These are the 20 good reasons why you should choose to work with us:

1. You will receive a free consultation at every stage of the process.
2. We assist you to maximize the subsidy amount up to HK$30,000/parking lot
3. Our chargers suit all kinds of carparks including island space and we assist you via Load Management System for optimized charging speed.
4. One-stop operational solution starting from innovative EV charging systems, routine inspection & testing, insurance to keeping the consistent appearance and a lot more.
5. Expert in various EV charging stations with 700+ charging points in Hong Kong
6. We are the EHSS listed Contractor *
7. We are a listed REC from EMSD
8. We have built successful Load Management System at EMSD headquarter
9. We cover a wide range of services: consultancy, infrastructure rollout plan and EV-charger installation works including warranty and maintenance.
10. Our EV charging system is IEC standard compliance, reliable and safe.
11. Smart parking solution provider.
12. To support your operation, we have a powerful back-end technology system
13. $20,000,000 product insurance coverage.
14. Cornerstone Technologies is a trusted partner for both the Government and Private Sectors.
15 . In collaboration with housing society,we provide License Plate Recognition System that is working effectively.
16. A powerful technical & sales support team is ready to serve you.
17. Customers needs are our top priority to help achieve the results you need.
18. Alternative solutions are available for you in case you are not eligible for the scheme. Find out from us!
19. We have helped many property management solve “difficult” issues.
20. Even our competitors choose to collaborate with us.

*will be announced soon

There are many ways to reach us, call/WhatsApp us at 6700 0047 or simply fill in the following form, we will be in touch with you: