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Cornerstone Energy has been set up as our commitment to the sustainable environment. By taking into account the environmental and economic objectives, we are offering both energy management as well as renewable energy under this brand.


Our Energy brand seeks to support corporations which are committed to building a cleaner environment and help in the fight to reduce carbon emission. We believe our technological advances, energy products and market experience makes us the perfect partner to support and expand your business. We dream of building a sustainable environment that encourages public engagement and to build a cleaner environment for us all to live in.


Through artificial intelligence, we will help you manage the efficiency of your energy usage from the prediction of consumption to the overall monitoring. We use Load Management or Demand-Side Management (DSM) as a process to balance the supply of electricity on the network. By controlling and adjusting the electrical load instead of the power-station we can ensure the efficiency of the supply.


Our Research and Development team sits within the core of our Energy brand. Their role is to explore innovation and technological solutions, making our products highly beneficial in encouraging a greener society. Our business team compliments their advances and as a business, we can help provide partnerships across consultancy, sourcing and implementation of a product.


We understand, for many businesses electricity bills are a large overhead they would like help in lowering. Through our Load Management System product we can help lower utilities to reduce the demand for electricity during peak hours. By improving the efficiency of energy management as well as renewable energy, significant costs can be reduced so, please allow us to help you!

A brand born committed to the future of Energy Management & Renewable Waste

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